Tired of the pressure of the old-School salon industry?

You deserve more.

Old school systems, like commission and booth renting, create unhealthy competition, unpredictable paychecks, burnout, career plateaus and egos. Why do other industries get to eat lunch everyday, take paid vacations and earn reliable paychecks?

It's time to try something new.

Be part of something amazing!

We don’t base our stylists’ pay on how many people they can pack into a day. Brooks & Co. employees’ pay is determined by overall performance, including skill levels, performance numbers, and team qualities.


You no longer have to fight to survive, and you have a whole team to help you succeed! Imagine a world where you get to do what you love, and have:

  • *steady guaranteed pay
  • *consistent and flexible hours
  • *team goals and bonuses
  • *a team of co-workers who want you to succeed
  • *extensive ongoing paid education
  • *endless possibility for career growth
  • *paid vacation
  • *contribution to health care
  • *no product charges, bookkeeping, or taking work home with you
  • *value to the team based on performance and not exclusively by working your hands to the bone
  • *A clear career path

 Brooks and Co. is always looking for new talented members to join our team. Enjoy a rewarding career in an exciting environment where you can be successful, have fun and make great pay!




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